Anyone working in an official capacity for an APBA inboard event is entitled to wear official inboard category clothing—race director, referee, scorer, timer, scoring assistant, pit manager/volunteer.   The items are aqua, a unique color to promote identity and visibility.

Pricing includes all embroidery:   Left chest, APBA Inboard Racing logo.    Right chest:   Name and Title
The IRC will subsidize the clothing at $20 per item for up to 2 items.   Take advantage of the discounted pricing as well as the subsidy.   THIS PRICING IS AVAILABLE FROM NOW UNTIL MAY 15, 2018.  Orders can be placed after the sale, but are subject to a higher pricing scale.

If you have any questions about the merchandise sizing or ordering process, please contact
Ann Fitzgerald    609-889-9181      salesinfo@racing-images.com   or   annfitzgerald@comcast.net

Click on this link to view and download the sales information and order form in pdf format.
Complete the form, scan, name the document:   yourname inboard order form.pdf

APBA Inboard Merchandise Order Form 2018

OR, if you prefer to have a fill-in MSWord document where you can type in the order information, click on the folloowing to download the document.
Type in the fields provided on the order form, save as a document with your name:   yourname inboard order form.doc
The attach to an email and send to   Click on this link to view and dow

APBA Inboard Mdse Order Form 2018 MSWord2003 fill in